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Our Mission

Animation Germany is the information and marketing organisation of the German animation and VFX production industry abroad. From September 2020 it is part of German Films in order to gain visibility and do justice to the ever-increasing importance of the Animation and VFX sectors in Germany. Companies and the strengths of the sector in Germany should have an active representation in the international business environment and an attractive platform for supporting economic development. The goal of the industry is to facilitate more co-productions and service contracts for animation and VFX with international partners and to attract contracts to Germany. High-budget animated films and series that are also being to meet the growing demand from the streaming platforms should be produced with German participation - Animation Germany is the industry's partner on this path!



Animation Germany is the first personal point of contact for international business partners seeking information about Germany as a business location and has competent partners to provide information about current events regarding production and technical services in the German market.


Animation Germany prepares relevant data and content for international business partners, provides information about the economic facts of the industry, and produces material about the companies and their diverse programmes.


Animation Germany continues to develop the platforms and events which have previously been initiated for the creation of individual networks to promote international business. This consequently extends the reach of Animation Germany and makes the German industry more accessible from abroad.

Pool Interests

Animation Germany cooperates with all associations and pools their interests for the international presence for business development. (n.b. German Films and AG Kurzfilm promote completed films and shorts outside of Germany)


Ina Sommer

Head of Animation Germany

office: +49 89 599 787 19